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“…heartbreakingly talented … the darnedest joy to watch”.

-Tamara Paris, The (Seattle) Stranger



Whether as an actor, producer, or writer, my passion is making honest, true characters come to life... ones with grit, vulnerability, and (hopefully) a keen sense of humor. In addition, my work creating The America Unchained Project* has deepened my passion for powerful story-telling, honest characterization and the healing power of humor.


Having lived in the Northwest for over twenty years, I have been blessed to be a part of dozens of professional productions as an actor, producer, or writer. From film and television to radio and theater, I have learned the power of a focused story and have been honored to work with production teams that understands the importance both media and art play in our world.  

If you're looking for an experienced actor or producer with grace-filled honesty, work ethic, and pliability, feel free to watch some of my videos or listen to a sample of my voice-over reel.


Please contact myself or my agent with any job information or for a booking.

Select Acting Roles

Guest Role on Twin Peaks

Guest role on Grimm

Voice Over for the Mariners

Narrator for a Children's book

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The America Unchained Project is a media education project created to equip every person to recognize, protect and rescue vulnerable and hurting kids. For more information on AU or to book Charity as a podcast guest visit The America Unchained site or contact Charity directly.

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