“…the masterfully mannered Charity Parenzini, an actress whose throaty, three-octave voice and elastic energy evoke classic screwball heroines”. 

​​- Sean Nelson, The Stranger

“It’s hard to play a believable bubble brain, but Parenzini has the talent.”

- Milton W. Hamlin, Seattle Gay News

“…it’s difficult not to smile watching Parenzini…”

-Brent Aronowitz, Seattle Weekly

“…heartbreakingly talented … the darnedest joy to watch”.

-Tamara Paris, The Stranger

“Parenzini sounds all the right notes”. 

-K. Huffman, Theatre Mania

“…both funny and perfect for her character”.

-N. Worssam

“…such subtlety and technical control that the evening never feels sparse, but on the contrary, generous and bountiful… there is splendid control over the proportion of the acting, so nothing ever seems forced or artificial… That’s a very high level of performance, and profoundly engaging”. 

-J. Craft, Aisle Say

“One should never take for granted … performers like Parenzini… They are alive and live… offering us personalized never-to-be-repeated human experiences in a dehumanizing world”.

- Dick Staub, Culturewatch

“…Charity Parenzini… capitalizes on her comedic talents in the scene “Love Me, Love My Dog. All right, Love My Dog!” in which Katherine ends her short marriage over a miniature dachshund”.

- Theresa Goffrado, HeraldNet

“Charity Parenzini… absolutely sparkled”. 

- Rachel N, Teen tix